On-the-job Training

Intentional about cultivating a safe work environment, our hands-on training allows drivers to feel confident before hitting the road.
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Step One


Once a driver is hired, they are put through orientation and video-based training before ever getting behind the wheel. New drivers receive manuals and reference materials specific to their specialty: dry bulk or liquid bulk.
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Step Two

Hands-on Training

All new drivers are assigned a Certified Driver Trainer. This hands-on training has no time limit; everyone goes at their own pace before they’re ready to drive on their own.
Step Three

Hit the Road

We set our drivers up for success, so they always feel safe and confident on the road. We require the new driver, their driver trainer, and their terminal manager all to sign off before drivers are available for dispatch.
“Chris is one of the best trainers I’ve ever worked with. Everything I’ve learned from him has been extremely useful.”
“Having stability and flexibility is one of the main reasons I’ve been here for so long!”
Andy, Schwerman Trucking driver
“I just love my job. It’s extremely fulfilling. I’m proud to work here.”​
Yattah, Rogers Cartage Driver