We make safety equal to everything we do.

The Tankstar USA Family of Companies sets the standard for safety, integrity, and performance. Safety is an equal partner in everything we do. We are intentional in cultivating a safe environment, no matter where we are.

Our safety culture truly recognizes safety as a value. To demonstrate this, we are committed to making safety equal to everything we do. As a foundation of this philosophy, we combine a behavior-based approach with safety leadership principles. This cultivates empowerment of all people. Ultimately, this enhances the knowledge and skills needed to fulfill all expectations throughout all phases of our dry and liquid bulk transportation.

Sustainability is achieved by a series of checks and balances at various stages of the process allowing absolute fulfillment of the continuous improvement cycle. Throughout the course of every dispatch, every pick-up and delivery, and every mile our drivers travel, we expect everyone to “Make Safety Equal to Everything We Do.”