We make safety equal to everything we do.

The Tankstar USA family sets the standard for safety, integrity, and performance. Safety is an equal partner in everything we do. We are intentional in cultivating a safe environment, no matter where we are.

Tankstar and its subsidiaries are committed to providing the safest work environment possible by running a safe, updated, and legal operation.

One of the primary missions of the Safety Department is to raise the “safety consciousness” level. Everyone must take an active role in safety, both in terms of ensuring individual safety, and in the safety of those around them.

Training is the core of our Safety Program. The Tankstar family uses a combination of methods and techniques for both initial and refresher training. This consists of instructional and hands-on training, presentations administered by terminal or Safety Department personnel and, in some cases, guest speakers.

Safety is in the forefront of everyone’s mind. While training provides a vital basis, other important components of our Safety Program are communication and recognition. One way we accomplish this is by constantly monitoring our performance in such areas as accidents, injuries, maintenance, Department of Transportation (DOT) compliance, and inspection and violation results. This information is prepared and distributed to the field by the Safety Department. In doing this, we hope to make everyone aware of the current trends faced in safety management. Once the trends are understood, we are able to identify and recognize individual performance and performers as well as take proactive steps to correct potential problem areas.

We stay on top of changes, provide the safest environment possible, and instill in everyone a personal commitment to Safety.